1. New patient visit (60 min) – $400
  2. Follow-up visit (45 min) – $300
  3. Follow-up visit (30 min) – $200
  4. Follow-up visit (20 min) – $140
  5. Follow-up visit (12 min) – $80

Billing Procedures

AMG does not bill insurance, and the practice has elected not to contract with (take) commercial insurance, the Oregon Health Plan, Washington Medicaid or Medicare. We will provide patients with commercial insurance an invoice to bill their carrier directly for reimbursement, subject to out-of-network provider rates and their policy’s deductible. Note that patients with Medicaid or Medicare will not be reimbursed for services rendered. The fee for services does not cover prescribed medications or laboratory charges; these are billed separately by pharmacies and labs (see “Other Costs” below).

Payment Methods

Accepted methods of payment are cash, debit/credit card, money orders, and cashier’s check. Personal checks are accepted except for the initial intake appointment.

Other Costs

When considering office based treatment for opioid or alcohol dependence, it is important to consider the other related costs of treatment. These include medications, urine drug screening, and in certain cases, blood work.  PLEASE NOTE: these charges are separate and distinct from the fees billed for office visits.

  • Medications: Fees for Suboxone®, Vivitrol® and other medications are paid directly to pharmacies; prospective patients should contact their pharmacy or the drug manufacturer for details regarding pricing. Most insurance companies will cover these medications, and the co-pay amount may be reduced or eliminated by the drug manufacturers. These medications may or may not not be covered by State Medicaid programs; prospective patients are encouraged to contact their plans for details.
  • Laboratory Tests: AMG requires patients undergoing substance treatment to have periodic urine drug testing, and each collected sample is sent to an outside lab for comprehensive testing (we use Millennium Labs, http://www.millenniumhealth.com/contact/ ). Although many plans will cover this cost, the outside lab may balance-bill the patient for any amounts not covered by insurance. For those individuals without insurance, the outside lab will charge a fee billed directly to the patient. In some cases patients may be sent to a local area laboratory for blood work. Usually insurance will cover this; patients without insurance will incur some out-of-pocket expense depending on the test ordered.