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Saved My Life

It was a few years back when I received a phone call from my present Doctor Josh who told me about the services they had in helping me become free from my addiction to opiods . I gave it a try and I have to say I’ve never been more satisfied and secure in my whole life. After years of going back and forth between methadone and street drugs I’ve finally found a Doc who has really helped me stay on track. Its the way he treats me every time I visit with such respect . Not once have I ever felt different or judged and he treated me as a equal. He gave me the encouragement I needed with out the feeling of the roof caving in on my head. Never in my life have a met such a cool Doctor. Hes the real deal the way all doctors should be. I am real grateful for Doc Joshua L. Thank you AMG for helping me threw the greatest battle of my life and I really look forward to the end results that you guys help me believe in. Also thanks for believing in me. Michael.


Sobriety, for me, is about living

I was exhausted in every way possible: bank account to brain. It was time to honestly reflect and redefine – and not by substance-of-choice or mistakes made. AMG helped me, with both anxieties and epiphanies. Sobriety, for me, is about living… about what is possible… about accepting the past and knowing I deserve better because I am more than… Now I am going and doing. I got this. But enough about me. What do you want out of your recovery?


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